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At Nexus BioQuest we offer a broad range of Immune Oncology services testing novel therapeutics that use the immune system to prevent, control or destroy tumours.

Recent therapeutic advances in IO include the use of check-point-inhibitors, bispecific antibodies and cellular therapeutics within the clinic. Our assays are designed to test single and combinatorial therapy using all therapeutic modalities. Assays cover key mechanisms such as ADCC, NK and CD8 cytotoxicity

Example of keys assays designed to test novel immune-oncology therapies such as check-point-inhibitors, bispecifics, ADC’s, and cellular therapies:
  • CD8 T cell: 2D/ 3D Tumour Killing Assay, Antigen-specific CTL-CEFT (phenotype, proliferation, degranulation), MART-1 specific, CTL-cytotoxicity, T cell exhaustion
  • CD4 T cell: polyclonal, MLR, antigen specificity, nTreg suppression assay, iTreg polarisation assay
  • Natural Killer Cell: activation, proliferation and killing (KIR/NKG2D/ ADCC), Cytokine Release Assay-predictive toxicity
  • Macrophage: ADCP, MDSC, M1/M2, TAM, efferocytosis, phagocytosis, Cytokine Release Assay-predictive toxicity
  • Dendritic Cell: Antigen uptake and vaccine delivery, cross presentation, neo-antigen immunogenicity; phenotyping 
  • Cancer cell: Immunogenic Cell Death, 2D/3D Tumour Killing Assays, on/off target assay, CDC
  • Fibroblast: Cancer Associated Fibroblast-multicellular tumour killing assays 
  • Epithelial Cell: on/off target assay, EMT  
  • Cellular Therapy: CAR-T (on/off target assay, cellular persistence, exhaustion, immunogenicity, tumorgenicity). NK-CAR, TCR based therapeutic, γδ T cell therapeutics (NKG2D/γδ TcR) killing
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