Bespoke Assay Design
Nexus BioQuest offers a bespoke service developing and customising immunology assays specifically for your drug discovery program.

The development of novel therapeutics often requires customised research solutions, there is rarely a one-size-fits -all solution. Nexus BioQuest offers a bespoke CRO service that provides immunological expertise, study design and execution to address complex immunological questions.

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Working with new targets often needs novel assay design. Nexus goes through a process of client consultation, literature review and uses our scientific expertise to generate a bespoke work plan for your individual program.

preclinical Biomarker development

Our scientists will optimise and develop novel assays, or run a suite of validated assays to explore novel biology. Tailored assays will be designed from the bottom up focusing on assay format, reagent optimisation, assay performance, limitations, validation and repeatability.

Assay Development CRO

We provide customised Fee-For-Service (FFS), milestone based and Full-Time-Equivalent (FTE) programs. Throughout the project our team will provide study updates, present and discuss data packages and suggest direction for future work.

Assay clinical research

Drug Discovery Tool

Find the right immune assay for your therapeutic area, modality and target using our interactive Drug Discovery Tool.

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