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Immunology and Immunotherapy; the immune system is an integral component of many disease indications including Oncology, Inflammation and Autoimmunity.

Our scientists provide a range of pre-clinical and non-regulatory clinical immunology CRO services.

Neuro Inflammation

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We test therapeutics that use the immune system to prevent, control or destroy tumours.

Recent therapeutic advances in IO include the use of check-point-inhibitors, bispecific antibodies and cellular therapeutics within the clinic. Our assays are designed to test single and combinatorial therapy using all therapeutic modalities. Assays cover key mechanisms such as ADCC, NK and CD8 cytotoxicity

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We test therapeutics that modulate or potentially re-educate damaging immune responses to self.

Current drive is to find more targeted therapeutics rather than global immunosuppressants. Key assays are designed to test both small molecules and biologics such as cytokine neutralising antibodies, against the major drivers of autoimmunity including CD4 T cells, B cells and antigen presenting cells.

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We test therapeutics that limit and control chronic or acute inflammation.

Uncontrolled inflammation that causes tissue damage has driven the need for targeted immuno-modulators. There are multiple players in the inflammatory processes that can be modelled in vitro including standard cytokine release and inflammasome assays or more customised multicellular assays.

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Neuro Inflammation
We test therapeutics that limit and control inflammation within the central nervous system.

There is a growing literature on the contribution of the immune response to neurodegenerative diseases. We have designed assays that test novel therapeutics aimed at preventing or blocking the inflammatory cytokines/chemokines generated by microglial cellsand aspects of microglial function such as phagocytosis.

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