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As an Immunology CRO providing Autoimmune related services we test therapeutics that modulate or potentially re-educate damaging immune responses to self.

Current drive is to find more targeted therapeutics rather than global immunosuppressants. Key assays are designed to test both small molecules and biologics such as cytokine neutralising antibodies, against the major drivers of autoimmunity including CD4 T cells, B cells and antigen presenting cells.

Example of key assays designed to test both small molecules and biologics in the search of targeted immunotherapies:

CD4 T cell: Th1/2/17 polarisation, Th17 function, Tr1/iTreg polarisation, nTreg suppression, Tfh, naïve, CM and EM phenotype/function, polyclonal and antigen-specific T cell proliferation and cytokine release

CD8 T cell: activation, proliferation and function. Polyclonal and antigen-specific T cell responses

B cell: Antibody production (Total IgG), Memory B cell Antibody Isotypes, Naïve B cells Isotype switching, B cell proliferation/activation/cytokine secretion, Antigen presentation. Tonsillar Organoids

Macrophage: ADCP, MDSC, M1/M2a-d, TAM, effero/phagocytosis, Cytokine Release Assay-predictive toxicity

Dendritic cell: Antigen presentation

Innate Lymphoid Cell: ILC1/2/3 phenotype and cytokine production

Cellular Therapy: Treg (on target assay, cellular persistence, exhaustion, immunogenicity, tumorgenicity)

Autoimmune CRO services

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