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Our Inflammation related CRO services test therapeutics that limit and control chronic or acute inflammation.

Uncontrolled inflammation that causes tissue damage has driven the need for targeted immuno-modulators. There are multiple players in the inflammatory processes that can be modelled in vitro including standard cytokine release and inflammasome assays or more customised multicellular assays.

Example of key assays designed to test therapeutics that modulate drivers of acute and chronic inflammation:
  • Neutrophil: Respiratory Burst (ROS, Phagoburst), NETs
  • Epithelial: EMT, keratinocyte cytokine release, Epithelial interface-barrier integrity, tight junction, TEER, cytokine release. Epithelial/immune cell co-culture
  • Fibroblast: FMT
  • Monocyte: Inflammasome/LPS cytokine release
  • Macrophage: M1/M2 polarisation and function
  • Innate Lymphoid Cell: ILC1/2/3 phenotype and cytokine production
  • Basophil/ Eosinophil/Mast cell
  • CD4 T cell: Cytokine Release Assay-predictive toxicity
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