Drug Discovery
Nexus BioQuest offers preclinical and non regulatory clinical Biomarker services that support drug discovery programs in Immune-Oncology, Autoimmunity, Inflammation, Neuro-Inflammation and Vaccine development.

Our assays are designed to test all types of therapeutics including Small Molecules, Biologics, Vaccines, Cell Therapies and Gene Therapies.

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How we can support your Drug Discovery Process

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We perform target validation in primary human cells and cell lines; the target expression profile can be assessed by flow cytometric or qPCR approaches under various disease relevant stimulation conditions. In vitro customised functional assays appropriate for the cell type and target can then be used to validate the impact of inhibiting or engaging a target using gene knockout approaches or direct inhibition with known inhibitors of the pathway of interest.

Drug discovery service from Nexus
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We can contribute to your lead optimisation programme, by customising or using standard assays to answer key questions on target engagement, mode of action, selectivity and identifying robust translational biomarkers in primary human cells from healthy and diseased donors. By building complexity using multi-cellular systems we aim to better model the complexity of the in vivo situation where cells will be engaged in multi-cellular cross talk.

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We run predictive immuno toxicology services that provide a preclinical indication of any potential safety liabilities. Evaluating cytokine release or off target events, can help de-risk any drug development program.

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Robust Biomarkers are often critical to the success of a drug discovery program providing an indicator of successful target engagement and biological changes in response to a therapy. We provide preclinical Biomarker development and non-regulatory clinical Biomarkers for early Phase I/II trials. We understand the challenges of working with clinical samples and can provide cellular, analytical and functional assays that show drug engagement and clinical effect.

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Drug Discovery Tool

Find the right immune assay for your therapeutic area, modality and target using our interactive Drug Discovery Tool.

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