Natural Killer Cell

Immune-Oncology Assays

  • Activation, proliferation and killing (KIR/NKG2D/ ADCC)
  • CRA-predictive toxicity

Antibody dependent cell cytotoxicity (ADCC) in a 3D tumour spheroid model

Figure 1: SK-OV-3 NLR cells expressing HER2 were plated were seeded into 96 well plates and once spheroids were established purified NK cells were added to cultures in the presence of Trastuzumab or IgG1 Isotype or IL-12/IL-15 or vehicle (untreated) and imaged every 4 hours for 96 hours using the CellCyte X. Relative spheroid area (%) was measured (A) and the AUC (B) calculated using GraphPad Prism v9.5.0. Line graphs show the mean of triplicate wells and the bar graph shows mean +/- SEM of 3 donors. (C) Representative images from the CellCyte X at 96 hours post NK cell addition to tumour spheroids.

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