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Nexus BioQuest focuses on our clients, providing wrap around innovative immune research solutions to expedite your drug discovery programs.

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Drug Discovery can be a challenging journey; Nexus BioQuest is a Contract Research Organisation that provides immunology expertise and agile research solutions to accelerate immune-therapeutics to the clinic.

Using our combined experience at Nexus BioQuest we are building a high-quality immunology research portfolio to deliver innovative research solutions for our clients drug discovery programs. Whether you are using the immune system as a therapeutic tool or as a target for disease intervention, our dedicated team of immunologists are looking forward to collaborating with you to design and implement experiments that expedite your research.

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Drug Discovery

We provide a comprehensive suite of validated preclinical and non-regulatory clinical assays that support early target validation through to lead candidate selection.
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Bespoke Assay Design

The development of novel therapeutics often requires customised research solutions, there is rarely a one-size-fits -all solution. Nexus BioQuest offers a bespoke CRO service that provides immunological expertise, study design and execution to address complex immunological questions.
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Therapeutic Areas

Neuro Inflammation

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Find the right immune assay for your therapeutic area, modality and target using this interactive Drug Discovery Tool.

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At least 80+ differences are known between the immune systems of laboratory mice and man, such as neutrophil: lymphocyte ratio in peripheral blood, differential TLR, FcR expression, antibody isotypes and many more minor differences. In vitro primary human assays are a critical part of the translation pathway, providing key data on how a therapeutic intended for humans is likely to modulate the human immune response.

According to ClinicalTrials.gov there were 1,800 active oncology cell therapy trials in 2022, an increase in 33% from 2021. The cell therapy field continues to expand and develop beyond the initial success in haematological cancers, as challenges remain around solid tumour efficacy, manufacturing and clinical implementation. We can accelerate the development of next generation allogenic/ autologous cellular therapies by investigating critical on-target, off-tumour effects.

A staggering 54% of clinical trials fail to progress to Phase III due to poor efficacy. Industry data shows that 82% of clinical trials with early PD/ efficacy indicators progressed to Phase IIa, whilst 71% of those without early indicators failed. Building a robust biomarker strategy that identifies the right target, tissue, safety, patients and commercial potential is key to translate preclinical findings into successful drug candidates. We provide relevant species, cellular, tissue, analytical and functional assays to show drug engagement and PD effect.